Client Examples

Jack Wattley Discus

Pioneer and leader in the discus fish hobby. Exotic discus and a full eCommerce store for the tropical fish hobbist.
Website, Social Media, Youtube Channel, Video Editing, Email Marketing

eCommerce Website with over 400 products

Website Design local view
Full website content, over 400 store products, averaging 600 organic visits per day.

Facebook Page ~13K Likes

Website Design local view
Vibrant online community with over 13k likes.

“Jack Wattley – worlds most renowned discus breeder. Gabriel Posada has been running the Miami hatchery since 1997. We have been providing top quality discus to hobbyists and stores around the globe”.

Youtube Channel With ~20k Subscribers

Active Hobby Channel With Helpful Videos with ~20k subscribers

This is dedicated to discus fish, discus breeding and planted discus tanks.

Instagram Page With ~~7200 Followers

Jack-Wattley-instagram page
Active Hobby Photos with ~72k Followers

Jack Wattley was the worlds most renowned discus breeder. The Miami hatchery is open to the public.